"Everyone has the right to be respected
          and the responsibility to respect others"

Our Purpose

Bullying.org's purpose is to eliminate bullying in our society by supporting individuals and organizations to take positive actions against bullying through the sharing of resources, and to guide and champion them in creating non-violent solutions to the challenges and problems associated with bullying.

Our Objectives

Bullying.org is dedicated to increasing the awareness of, and the problems associated with, bullying and to preventing, resolving and eliminating bullying in society. This will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • to establish and maintain the www.bullying.org website to provide access for individuals and groups
  • to provide support services for whom bullying is an issue;
  • to create, disseminate and directly facilitate the implementation of information, educational and training resources through the website to increase awareness of, and enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to deal effectively with, the issue of bullying in society;
  • to provide educational programs and workshops to organizations and educational institutions, and to make available online mentoring support programs, in order to enable and educate individuals and their supporters to deal effectively and positively with the act of bullying and its long lasting negative consequences;
  • to provide educational programs and workshops to instill and promote positive values, foster good citizenship and build self-confidence in our young people, enabling individuals themselves to become resources for preventing, resolving and eliminating bullying in their communities;
  • to organize and implement fund-raising events and campaigns to finance the above stated objects;
  • to liaise with similar charitable organizations and government departments and agencies in developing educational programs similar to those of the Corporation; and
  • to carry on any activity which is ancillary and incidental to achieve the above purposes.


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