"Everyone has the right to be respected
          and the responsibility to respect others"

Dear Bullying.org Canada Incorporated:

Regarding Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week:

Our government understands that bullying is a serious issue in our schools and communities, and we believe that children have the right to learn in a safe environment. Bullying.org is an excellent anti-bullying resource for students, parents, and educators, and I am pleased to offer my support to this initiative.


Gordon Campbell


The Province of British Columbia

Dear Bill Belsey President of Bullying.org,

I am an English teacher at a school in Terceira, an island in Azores, Portugal.

A few months ago I was searching the Net for information on the theme bullying at schools for my level IV English Language classes and I was surprised and amazed by the quality of the information on your site. So, as you propose, I adapted some of the material and gave my studens a tour on the site. They all love it.

I developed some of the activities such as the survey and my students took the pledge. Those were very interesting classes and I really believe that now they are more alert to these kind of situations and will know how to react and help others in a bullying situation, which, by the way, is an increasing problem at our school.

I would have loved promoting a bullying awareness week, but it was too late to contact you and prepare all the activities that you propose. Maybe next year.

By becoming a friend of Bullying.org, I hope we can stay in touch and also I wish to learn how you can help to address bullying in my school and community.

Most sincerely,

Doroteia Dias

Stockholm, Sweden

Congratulations Mr. Belsey!

Bullying.org is one of the finalists in The Stockholm Challenge Award 2001. The Stockholm Challenge Jury has now accomplished the hard task of evaluating a record number of 742 projects from 90 countries. The winners in each category will be announced and celebrated on September 26th. You are cordially invited to come to Stockholm in September to participate in the Prize Ceremony in the City Hall in the presence of The Mayor of Stockholm, the media and a large number of distinguished international guests.

You are also invited to participate in the Challenge dinner that will follow the ceremony.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity of being a finalist! You will be exposed to considerable national and international interest. Many have already expressed a wish to see and talk to the people, who have reached high standards in information technology based projects throughout the world.

Let everyone in your network know that you have reached the final in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2001.

A detailed programme of the Final Events and how to attend the activities will be posted at www.challenge.stockholm.se in the near future.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm in September!

Best regards,

Monica Berneström
Project Manager
*The Stockholm Challenge

*The Stockholm Challenge is a unique awards programme for pioneering IT projects world wide. It is a way of building networks between entrepreneurs who will benefit from contacts across borders, cultures and economies. The Stockholm Challenge focuses on the positive effects of today's information society, and the benefit information and communication technology can bring people and society. The technology itself is not the issue. The Stockholm Challange has been called "The Nobel Prize of the Information Technology world."



July 11, 2001

Dear Bill:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your project's contributors at being honoured at this year's Cable and Wireless Childnet Awards in the Charity/Not-For-Profit Category for your Bullying.org project.

It is wonderful to see that Canadians are leading the way internationally in online project-based learning and in the integration of technology in the classroom.

As a teacher leading young Canadians into the new millennium, you are helping them to acquire the skills they need to succeed, not only today but in the future.

I encourage you to continue to develop such world-class online learning projects.


Brian Tobin

(Former) Minister of Industry

Government of Canada




Dear Bill,

Congratulations! The judging for the Cable and Wireless Childnet International Awards is now completed. There were some 200 entries from 47 different countries worldwide and the standard was exceptionally high with many worthy projects just missing out
on being shortlisted. The judges decided to award Bullying.org a prize in the not for profit organisation category ...

The awards ceremony itself will be on Thursday 19 April in the evening at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society. We will send you further details about this but be assured that it will be a wonderful occasion – not too formal, but very special. The ceremony will be webcast so that your friends at home will be able to watch it live. There will be an exhibition beforehand of all the winning web sites and online activities. ...

We are so looking forward to meeting you having admired your work on the web, and we hope this whole experience will be an exciting and upbuilding one for you. We anticipate considerable press interest before, during and after the ceremony and we hope that you will be willing to help us in promoting the positive opportunities the internet offers. ... See you in Washington!



Nigel Williams,

Director, Childnet International Helping to make the Internet a
Great Place
for Children
Main site
www.childnet-int.org Awards www.childnet-int.org/awards
Studio 14, Brockley Cross Business Centre,
96 Endwell Road, London, SE4 2PD, United Kingdom.



Hi Bill:

Congratulations on the award. Thank You for your efforts to help make a difference. Given the tragic death in December (2000) in Calgary we still have a long way to go. Have a great 2001.

Blessings- Rev. Dale Lang

Rev. Dale Lang meets Bullying.org's creator in Calgary



January 31, 2001

Dear Mr. Belsey:

I am writing to relay my congratulations for the Cable and Wireless Childnet Award your project will be receiving for the creation of an anti-bullying website. The hard work you have put into the project, along with co-ordinating its creation, is truly admirable.

The website is creative, informative and easy to use. I am impressed with the personal submissions from young people around the world. You have encouraged people to address the issue of bullying and have done a wonderful job creating an international dialogue.

The Ministry of Children's Services does not condone bullying in any form and has take steps to deal with the issue. Premier Ralph Klein established the Task Force on Children at Risk after the fatal shooting of a student in Taber. Many of the recommendations the task force brought forward have already been addressed while other will continue to be analyzed.

Your work with young people is something to be proud of. Sharing the message that young people are not alone and that they can do something about bullying is extremely important. Thank you for being a selfless leader who has a sincere interest in helping young people. I certainly respect the work you have done and believe the project team is truly deserving of this award.

Sincerely yours,

Iris Evans, Minister for Children's Services, Government of Alberta



Dear Bill,

I carefully read through the Bullying WWW site, which I had not done before. It is truly remarkable! It is, to my view, a model for others to consider in setting up their WWW sites.

The use of different media -- writing, drawing, music, film, poetry -- is quite simply, more effective education. Why? Because we know children learn in different modalities.

The reference materials, disclaimers, etc. are done with the utmost of intelligence and superb administration.

I encourage everyone to spend some time on Bill's site and consider how you might use what he and his team have created for your own.

Clearly, more effective WWW sites lead to more effective learners. And in the iEARN context of empowering youth to know that they can make a difference (in a world of increasing suffering), we have no time to spare.

Thanks and warm regards,

Peter Copen

Founder, IEARN, the International Education and Resource Network



Dear Mr. Belsey:

I was most impressed to learn that Bullying.org is a project developed by a Canadian to educate and help youth around the world. I have also personally viewed the Web-site and find its quality to be equally inspiring.

Please accept my congratulations and best wishes on the development of your newest project, Bullying.org. I am sure it will prove useful as an educational tool to both those who are cruelly taunted by youth and by those who verbally-abuse and cast aspersions on others.


The Honourable Ethel Blondin-Andrew
Minister, Secretary of State for Children and Youth
Government of



Dear Bill,

I have now had a chance to visit the web site and it is fantastic. You are to be congratulated for making this very worthwhile contribution to building peace in our communities and world. I will be providing a link to your web site from our Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace web site
http://www.peace.ca in the near future.

Your efforts provide a powerful example of what all the schools and students in
Canada and the world can do to bring peace to the world.

Best wishes,
Bob Stewart, Director
Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace
Member, National Working Group for a Culture of Peace




Dear Bullying.org,

I just want to say this Web site is great! Don't post this e-mail on the site, I just want to tell you. This site is great, for children who have been through a lot, and for people like me who can finally speak their mind. I was just wondering...do you allow things about God, and prayer on this site? Because the best way I've learned is to give all of your problems to God, just heave the burdens off your back and give them all to God, for him to take care of and control himself. It really works. Just tell him to take your problems. Well, ok, if you want you can post this on the site, but I doubt you will since this is the third time I wrote in anyway. Well, it doesn't matter, I just want to say how great this site is. Thanks.

by Stephenie, age 13 in Saskatchewan, Canada



Dear Bullying.org,

Your initiative is to be encouraged.

Many of modern society's whims are just that: politically correct whims.
But bullying is one notable exception. It should never, ever be

As a child, I was bullied too. My schooltime was a nightmare; I hate to
think back to it even now. I feared the end of school. "We're going to
beat you up" and "You won't get home in one piece" was the permanent
threat. And even now, 30 years later, at some level I think it must have
been my own fault.

Which of course it was not. Mean, threatening, bullying behaviour should
NEVER, ever be blamed on the child being bullied, and should never, ever
be tolerated. Being weak does not mean you get bullied and mistreated.

Sure, in the animal world, weaker individuals are always identified and
they suffer under the stronger ones. But this is where we, as civilised
people, can make a difference. We do not have to accept that type of
animal behaviour.

I see that at my kids' school, bullying is passively tolerated. "I
cannot watch the kids al the time". "If your son has a problem he
probably contributed to it himself". I hear this stuff - and this is
really unacceptable in 2002.

We should watch kids at and after school. We should take any suspected
bullying very serioulsy. And it seems to me we should have automatic
severe punishment for anyone bullying or threatening: including
'friends' of the bullies who threaten. To stop bullying and avoid
recriminations, every suspected bully should be made to arrive at, and
leave from, school at other times from the people bullied - and any
proven bully should immediately automatically be removed permanently
from the school.

Anyway, before I start to ramble: good luck to you, instituting this
behavioural change in Canadian schools.




P.S. If you should want to add this to your site, go ahead, but leave my surname off please - thanks.



Hi Bill....

I am an associate producer with a new youth show on CTV this fall called
"21c." We are focusing on a wide variety of youth-oriented issues in a
documentary format. One of our episodes will be on bullying, specifically
analysing the bully's point of view. However, we are also looking to find a
victim who would be willing to talk about things they have been through, or
are going through.

Your website, Bullying.org has been incredibly helpful for me, in terms
of resources. I am hoping you may be able to get me in touch with young
people, specifically a young male bully and a young victim (between the ages
of 14 and 19). If you're not the best person for this, perhaps you know of
someone I should speak to on the subject.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Dianne Trottier

Dianne Trottier
Associate Producer
CTV Television
[email protected]
(416) 313-2516 (o)
(416) 313-2525 (f)



Hello Mr. Belsey,

I thank you so much for Bullying.org. Today my 9 year old daughter Courtney
came home from school and I could tell that she was upset but she didn't want
to talk about it. She had been hurt emotionally by two of her classmates.
As a mother I could see she needed to speak out about mistreatment by her
peers not go into her room and hide She needed someone who could relate to her. Bullying.or
g was worth a try. What hidden treasure we found! I was
amazed at the honesty and profound sense of grief to each story, children and
adults. Even a bully or two had decided to make amends, their stories also
very real to the bullied. Tomorrow my daughter can go to school with her
head held proudly because of you. Instead of feeling downtrodden she has
more coping mechanisms than before and Bullying.org!


Calgary, Canada




Dear Bill,

I looked at  Bullying.org and added it immediately
to my database. Glad to see it- so it will be in the next edition of the
book although that won't be until Sept.

best wishes, JP

PS I don't know if you do awards or not, but you get the "Net-mom
Approved" slice o' pie.

Jean Armour Polly

Author, The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages
Just released--the 4th edition!
Net-mom is a Registered Service Mark of Jean Armour Polly.
"Search engines are science, but directories are art."



CBC Radio's show "This Morning" lists Bullying.org among their helpful web sites from their December 2000 national show on bullying!



Dear Mr. Belsey,

I'd like to thank you for the attention you have paid to my essay.
It's wonderful to know that I'm not alone in this world and I can share
my feelings and thoughts with my peers all over the world. It really
makes me happy to know that my essay can bring some beams of hope to all
the kids who feel lonely. Not only do I give my assent to have my essay
published, but also I'd like to thank you once again.
I really hope that we the children can move this world a better
place to live.

Best regards,
Fatme Alieva

age 16 Varna, Bulgari




Dear Bill,

I was so impressed with your site that I included it on our Critical Issues for Educational Leaders site for Safety. In fact, it's the first link on the list!

John Adsit, Jefferson County Public Schools Golden, Colorado

*Note: This is the school board for Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado



Hi Bill,

I just read the latest Reader's Digiest and the Bullying.org site was not included. In my
mind, the researcher (Canadian) did not really investigate thoroughly enough before writing.

The impact the bullying site had at my little school in Valleyfield, Quebec was huge.
The Grade Six watched you on the CBC interview which I taped.
They wrote poetry. They had intense dialogues. I am across the hall from
them the door is always open.

Thank you for the work you do in this area springboarding the site and
maintaining it so diligently.

With great appreciation,




A Wonderful and Unique Place!!

Dear Mr. Belsey,

I am not a child who has been a victim of bullying. I'm just a mom who has a
very special child who, because he is "different", gets bullied at school.
We all know that he does not deserve this harrassment, but sometimes he
thinks it is his fault. I am trying to make the schools in our area look at
this problem more seriously, but sometimes that is an uphill battle. Thanks
to this new website, I will be able to direct those "in charge??" to a place
that puts a STRONG voice to the affects of bullying. I am also going to try
and encourage my son to visit soon.

Thank you for caring.



Dear Mr. Belsey:

I recently heard your story on the CBC show "As It Happens" and was
impressed by your caring and perseverance at helping children deal with the
horrible problem of teasing and bullying. As an adult, I remember those
kids who were picked on and wish I had the tools back then to help them and
not "just stand back." This website has offered an articulate, well
though-out arena for kids to share and offer solutions. I wish we had
something such as this when I was young. I am now the mother of two young
boys, my oldest is now in kindergarten. He has already witnessed teasing
and the results it has on everyone - not just the victim, but on himself as
well as everyone in his class. This website will help me, as well as my
boys as they grow up, to reinforce the benefits of "treating others as they
would want others to treat them."

Yours truly,

Nancy Barnard
Edina, Minnesota




Magazine showcases and praises Bullying.org !



I am in awe of your web-site. Positively fantastic! I would like to send you a review copy of my latest film on bullying called "Joey." Please e-mail me your address asap and I'll get a copy right out to you. Keep up the excellent work my friend.

Thomas Brown

The Broken Toy Project



Dear Mr. Belsey,

What a wonderful idea is your web page on bullying. I had some
horrible experiences with bullying as a kid, and there was never
anywhere to turn. You couldn't tell or get help from your parents and
you didn't dare report to the school. My own children encountered this
as well, some related to race also, as we have an interracial family.
There still is no escape for kids. Probably the most tragic is the
experience of gay kids. School can be sheer torture with no way out.
Your idea is truly a blessing, and may it expand its teaching and

George Fuller
Vancouver, BC



CBC Radio's Internet Columnist Steven Freygood featured Bullying.org on his weekly radio column on August 28, 2000 !!! *This is a Real Media file. Click on the Real Audio button to get your free Real Media player.




M y name is Jessica and I'm 13 years old. I think that its a great idea for you to make a website like Bullying.org. It helps victoms of bullying realise they're not alone. It helps boost their self-confidence. Ithink its a great website and Ijust wanted to thank you because it just kills me inside to think that people would actually take their lives because of someone elses cruel teasing. Nobody deseserves that sort of terrible behaviour. so ... Thank you!

from Jessica



Hello Mr. Belsey,

I am currently completing my fifth year of teaching in a small northern Alberta town. I first became aware of your site in 2001 after seeing a wonderful, yet disturbing documentory on Bullying in Manitoba. I was deeply moved by the documentory and will use it regularily in my anti-bullying classes.

I have spent the last few days overviewing your site as I plan to have my grade school students read through some of the letters. As a teacher/counselor, it is quite difficult to reach some of the more troubled kids in school because they have difficulty relating to adults and have had, in general, very negative experiences with them. I believe that the best way to reach these children is via the words and wisdom of their peers. Looking through these letters, I am amazed at the strength and "stick -to-it-ness" shown by these children. It is impossible to not be moved by them. I hope my students get as much out of these letters as I have.

By looking at me one would have trouble believing that I too was bullied while going to school. In fact, people might believe that I was the one who bullied other students. I stand 6'2" and weigh 265lbs. I have 18" biceps and can easily bench press 300lbs I used to work as a bouncer in "biker" bars. (during which time I NEVER got into a fight) . Now, I teach.

I was continually bullyied all through elementary, junior and senior high school. I was called fat, stupid, ugly, loser, etc ... I had a bike stolen and destroyed right before my eyes, I have had rocks, beer caps and numerous other things thrown at me with hopes that I would retaliate back. I never did. I was once even urinated on at a hockey rink. I dreamt of the worst kinds of retaliation, but never followed through with it. I punched my pillow at night, clenched my teeth and cried myself to sleep. I hated myself. I thought that all those things being said to me were true. I hated school (almost droped out 3 times) and dreaded waking up in the morning.

I returned to school after 13 years of working forestry and construction. Prior to returning, I was not a very nice man to be around. I was never physically abusive, but I was certainly verbally so. I was either too drunk to fight or too stoned to care. I felt like a big pile of moose poop. I hated everything and every one. I had reached rock bottom, and wanted desperately to change.

I found strength from my grandfather. He was an incredibly tolerant and generous man who valued all people equally. He never judged anyone because of race, sex or economic standing. He truly loved and respected people. He tought me the golden rule: do onto others as you would have done onto you. It is as true today as it was 2000 + years ago.

I soon discovered that all the things that held me back were a concequence of the bullying that happened to me through out my childhood. I was angry at the past, and wanted revenge in the meanest sort of way.

And so I did. I returned to university as a mature student. I graduated with 2 degrees, missing honours by 0.2%. I met my wife in university and have been happily married for 9 years. We have two beautiful,smart, and dynamic children for whom I prey will never suffer the types of bullying I have read about here and have experienced first hand.

I teach. I teach tough kids who come from really tough backgrounds. And I love it. I try every day to stop bullying behaviour in the halls and in the class. I talk to the kids and RESPECT all of them and understand their fears and weaknesses. It is almost impossible to stop ALL of the bullying behaviour, but we try.

In closing I would just like to say that you can over come anything as long as you have someone or something to believe in. My story is rather tame in comparison to others, but the result is the same. We can all overcome. We can all be successful. And we can all grow up to love and be loved.

by R. M. -A teacher from Alberta who cares



Just a short note to tell you that I heard about your site on the CBC (response to Robert Munch interview). I checked out the site and my wife and I think it is excellent. My wife is a teacher at Jean Vanier Catholic Intermediate School in Ottawa which has a no bullying program. She is going to be publicizing your site address as part of the program. Keep up the good work!

Walter Gifford





Hi Bill,

I just reviewed your site and it is great. I respond to more e-mails about bullying than any other school behavior problem. Your site more than addresses both the encouragment to students and parents (so sad to see so many stories!) by giving them tips and the courage to deal with this problem. It is not something we should accept or live with. Together, we can make a difference by refusing to accept this type of behavior.

If possible, please check out our website and information, print or download anything you would like to have and if possible, could we link to your site and would you list us as a resource on your site? The more information available to families the better it will be. As a Canadian, it makes me proud to see what you've done to expose bullying for what it is and address ways to help those fighting against it.

Thank you,

Cindy Murdoch
Chairperson - Parent Advocates for Safe Schools (PASS)/Parent Focus Group
Ribbon of Promise - National Campaign to End School Violence




Hi Bill,

I am a guidance counsellor with Calgary Catholic and read with much interest an
article on your anti-bullying Web site. I work in a great school, but 2 -3
top notch students no longer want to attend our school due to continued teasing
and harassment by a few students. The sad thing is that these kids and parents only
come to us when the child can no longer handle it and just want out.

Your site is great as I have been discussing with some staff and my admin in
recent weeks a formal intervention program for our school whereby victims will
come forward when the harassment begins so we can intervene and assist both the
victim and the perpetrators. I intend to have your site visited by students who
currently are known bullies and by their victims and attempt to use the
restorative justice model to some degree, in hopes of making some strides in
reducing this problem as much as possible.

I am letting you know this for a couple reasons: 1. the site is a great
resouce and 2. if you have any feedback or suggestions / program resources
that may be helpful, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.

Take care, Bill, and keep up the good work that you and your people are doing.

Dan Farrell



Hi! Your site is excellent. It gives lots of people loads of help. I now realise how many people are actually being bullied and that they feel it's their fault! These bulies are really the ones that should be hurting. From my point of view bullies are weak!


Laura Mitchell

Keith Grammar School




I saw your site featured on the CTV National News last night. My son is only three years old, and I am already worried about what he might have to face as he grows up in today's society. Thank you for taking the time and initiative to put together this project. I hope that someday there isn't a need for a website on handling bul

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