"Everyone has the right to be respected
          and the responsibility to respect others"

Bullying.org receives close to one million visitors and contributors from around the world each month. Many of the people who share here need a few words of help, support and encouragement. You can make a difference in the lives of others who are struggling to deal with bullying in their lives by becoming a Bullying.org online mentor.

If you can spare the time to send positive, encouraging, supportive replies to those in need on this Web site, you can help to really make a difference in the lives of others aournd the world.

Bullying.org is NOT a professional counselling service. It is a safe, international online community where people can find information, help, support and inspiration from one another about how we can try to prevent and more effectively address the issue of bullying in many positive ways.

There is no need to formally register. You are welcome to help when your time permits.

In order to send an encouraging message to those in need, simply read the submissions on Bullying.org and then click on the green "Reply"  button. Replies will then be read by the Bullying.org Review Team. If they are found to be positive and helpful, they will be approved and then published live on the Web site. A message from Bullying.org will be sent to those to whom you have replied, informing them that someone has replied to their submission and that they should visit Bullying.org to read the reply.

Please note that we do not wish contributors and mentors to directly contact one another out of concern for everyone's privacy and security. While our online submissions and reply forms do ask for a valid e-mail address, we will not publish these or share these with anyone else without your consent. This means that Bullying.org Reveiwers will edit out any personal contact information such as last names, phone numbers, street and/or e-mail addresses, Instant Messaging numbers, etc. before such replies are accepted and posted.

For the hundreds of people around the world who are already Bullying.org online mentors, THANK YOU for making such a difference in the lives of others! Bullying.org would not be the number one Web site in the world about bullying without your help and support!

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