"Everyone has the right to be respected
          and the responsibility to respect others"

Bullying.org's "Caring Kids Award"

Current research tells us that bullying will stop in less than 10 seconds most of the time, when others get involved and befriend those who are being bullied.

This is easy to say, but often very difficult to do, especially for young people. Bullying.org wants to help change this.

Do you know a young person, age 18 or younger who is consistently making a difference in their school or community through acts of kindness, tolerance and respect for others?

We want to hear about often-unrecognized young people who are the everyday "quiet heroes" who regularly lead through action and example. We want to hear about those kids who will sit with, and are a friend to someone who often sits alone on the school bus. We want to learn about those kids who go out of their way to welcome someone who is new to their school, community or sports team without being asked or urged to. We want to celebrate young people, who have the courage not to stand by, but will be a friend to others who are being bullied, taunted, purposely left out, or ignored by others. You know the kind of kids we mean, they don't do these things for recognition, attention, or awards. They act this way because they know it is the right thing to do. We want to honour these kids because we believe that young people have a very important leadership role to play in making our schools and communities safer, more respectful, tolerant and more caring places in which to learn, work, play and live.

The award is currently open only to Canadian youth, but we will consider opening this award up to youth outside Canada if we can find an international sponsor for this award.

Canadian parents, teachers, principals, counselors, teachers-aids, school bus drivers, sport coaches, librarians, custodians, and fellow students can nominate a young person for the "Caring Kids" award. Ideally, awards should be presented during Bullying Awareness Week from November 13-18th, 2006 and/or during your school's year-end assembly.

Please e-mail us to let us know about who you are and how we can contact you as a nominator. Please also tell us about the young person you are nominating, why you are nominating them, as well as how we can contact them and to what address we can send the Caring Kids Award Certificate and pin to. Please Bullying.org that we may choose to publish stories about Caring Kids Award Winners on the www.bullying.org Web site in order to inspire others to take action in their schools and communities. No self-nominations please.


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