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Bullying.org Canada and the National Film Board of Canada are pleased to welcome you !

Those who have recently viewed the remarkable new NFB documentary film, "It's a Girl's World" are welcome to find further information about the issue of bullying as well as sharing their thoughts, feelings and impressions about the film and the issue of bullying among girls as well as the issue of bullying in general as it affects our lives, communities and society.

You can learn more about the issue of bullying in the "I Want to Learn" section of this Web site.

You can also share with others in the "I Want to Share -Your Voices" section of this Web site. You have the options of sharing through the creation and posting of images, personal stories and reflections, poetry, music, animation, film and other forms of multimedia. You can do this by using our online "Submissions Form". All submissions are reviewed by Bullying.org Canada's team of volunteer reviewers before they are seen live on the Internet to ensure the appropriateness of the content for visitors of all ages.

The Bullying.org Web site is listed as the number one Web site about bullying in the world by most major Internet search engines. We host nearly one million visitors and contributors from across Canada and around the world each month and we are pleased and proud to welcome you to this remarkable online community.

We offer presentations to schools, communities, conferences and professional organizations about bullying awareness and prevention.

If you would like to help us address the issue of bullying in our society, please visit the "I Want to Help" section of this Web site, it is filled with many great ideas as to how you can help get involved. You can also help us by telling others you know about Bullying.org and this important NFB film "It's a Girl's World".

You can order the the film "It's a Girl's World", by contacting:

The National Film Board of Canada's toll-free ordering desk phone number at 1-800-267-7710 outside Montreal from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST on Weekdays and from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST on Saturdays

For additional information about the film "It's a Girl's World", please visit http://www.nfb.ca/trouverunfilm/fichefilm.php?lg=en&id=51404&v=h. and the accompanying

Web site about girls and bullying at


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