"Everyone has the right to be respected
          and the responsibility to respect others"

Welcome to the Caring Kids "Web of Fame!'

The following young people have been nominated for the "Canada's Caring Kids" Award by their teachers, principals, guidance counselors, sport coaches, teaching assistants, parent volunteers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, cusotdians and/or fellow students. These young people quietly, but effectively perform acts of kindness and support for their fellow students in their schools and communities. Each will receive a beautiful gold pin and a special certficate.

You are all making a difference for others!


Emma Wilson -St. Michael Catholic School, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario Canada

"Emma is one of the first to help with children that have special needs. She ALWAYS sees the person, not the "special needs", and has a way of showing others around her what kindness really looks like.

Not too long ago, when her school celebrated "Kindness Week", Emma's class conducted a series of experiments to see how kind their school was. In a role-play scene on the yard, Emma acted out the part of someone who needed help. She "fell down, and lost her boot". She sat there trying to "act the part" for seven minutes (in a Canadian winter!) until an older girl came and asked her if she needed help. When she did this, on Emma's cue the rest of the class jumped out and sang "For She's the Jolly Good Fellow". That child got to go to the office for recognition of her kindness and received  a gift. Emma often initiates projects in her own family on how to help others in the World. She had them mail a big box of toothpaste and toothbrushes to an orphanage in South Africa upon realizing that they often went without these supplies that we so take for granted. For Christmas this year, each of the three children in her family chose an item that meant something to them from the Unicef catalogue to help children in need. Emma chose vaccinations for 11 babies to keep them from getting very sick. It really touches her heart to help others. It is so plain to me that in this world there are truly good people, she is undoubtedly one of them!" 


Eva Uguen Csenge -Bishop Allen Academy, Toronto, Ontario Canada

My name is Tom Sbrocchi.  I am a teacher at Bishop Allen Academy in Toronto, Ontario.  I would like to nominate a student who has been taking a leadership role on our anti-bullying committee for the last three years, Eva Uguen Csenge. 


Eva has been dedicated to the anti-bullying committee as she has been consistently holding meetings every Tuesday after classes.  She has garnered great support from her peers and has a established a successful committee which brings awareness to bullying in our community.  She has organized fundraisers using the proceeds to bring in presenters from groups such as Harmony, and The Canadian Red Cross, she has run anti-bullying poster contests to draw awareness to the student body, she has organized events during anti-bullying week which included skits and reflections during the morning announcements, and she has managed to help create student centered presentations to all our grade nine students. In addition, Eva lead her peers in facilitating the Thanksgiving Food Drive on behalf of the Anti-Bullying committee.   Eva has genuinely and sincerely taken on a leadership role in anti-bullying as she is dedicated to helping students.


Brayden Cameron -R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary School,
Langley, British Columbia


I would like you to meet Brayden Cameron.  Brayden is a nine year old boy in grade four at R.C. Garnett Elementary in Langley, British Columbia.  He is a boy who wears his heart on his sleeve, caring deeply about his classroom and classmates.  Brayden is the type of child who lends a hand by helping others or improving his classroom environment.  He is the first to volunteer to help a child feel more successful, welcomed or included. He is a quiet leader with a caring, kind spirit. His actions consistently are a positive example to others. His strong interest and participation in sports is reflected in his team attitude.  He works hard to keep our classroom a safe and positive place to be.  He speaks up when he feels things are not right.  He wants to be part of the solution.  Brayden is a positive role model for the students in my class.


Amanda Slade

Div. 6 Classroom teacher

R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Langley B.C.

David Shepherd and Travis Price
-Central Kings Rural High School, Cambridge, Nova Scotia, Canada

These two students at Central Kings Rural High School fought back against bullying recently, unleashing a sea of pink after a new student was harassed and threatened when he showed up wearing a pink shirt. The Grade 9 student arrived for the first day of school last Wednesday and was set upon by a group of six to 10 older students who mocked him, called him a homosexual for wearing pink and threatened to beat him up. The next day, Grade 12 students David Shepherd and Travis Price decided something had to be done about bullying.

They used the Internet to encourage people to wear pink and bought 75 pink tank tops for male students to wear. They handed out the shirts in the lobby before class last Friday, even the bullied student had one.

They also brought a pink basketball to school as well as pink material for headbands and armbands. David and Travis figure about half the school's 830 students wore pink.


The two friends said they didn't take the action looking for publicity, but rather to show leadership in combating what they say is frequent bullying in schools.

Click here to read more about Caring Kids David Shepherd and Travis Price.


Raven Spirit Firth
-Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada

I would like to nominate my 10 year old daughter Raven Spirit Firth.  My daughter was three when she first responded back to me "My body, my choice."  It is a motto she lives by and holds other to.  She believes that each person has the right to make their own choices, to be themselves, to be individuals.  She accepts everyone at face value and finds worth in everyone.  She calls everyone friend. She is strong in her own sense of being and will stand up for others around her.  She does not stand by while others are ridiculed or teased.  She steps up and will tell the person(s) to stop.  She believes her words have power, that silence is wrong, that no one has to stand alone.
She role models her beliefs.  She is on the Student Council.  Her campaign was "Vote for me!  Vote Raven!  I am who I am."  She does not believe in cliques, in segregating from each other over petty disagreements, in taking sides.  When Raven was six years old and was home sick for a week and I brought her back to school, I was shocked and humbled as we walked through the halls.  Students of every grade said "Welcome back, Raven."  Teachers called out to her.  She put her hand in the air to be high-fived by students in older grades as she walked confidently to class.
In Raven's eyes, everyone is equal.  She will share her snack, her school supplies, play with anyone for the simple joy of laughing and having fun.  Age, race, religion, gender - none of it matters to her. 
She is one of the finest examples I know of a kind, caring and genuine person.  I am honoured to be her mother.
Angela McInnes


Notre Dame Academy

Medicine Hat, Alberta


Madison (Gr. 5) This amazing new student to our school was nominated a whooping 10 times by other students in the school. Comments include:

  • she is nice, caring and generous
  • she is so nice to EVERYONE and she helps kids with French
  • thinks of others before herself
  • she is kind, loving and a good person
  • she never says anything to put someone down, instead she says nice things.
  • She will let anyone play a game at recess

Madison is an avid and skilled ringette player. She demonstrates her team philosophy at school and on the ice. She is one incredibly caring kid!


Chasen  (Gr. 7) This caring Grade 7 boy spreads his kindness quietly around the school, drawing little attention to his good works. Chase was nominated 6 times by other students in the school. Comments include:

  • he helps people study and is always nice
  • he one of the kindest and most caring people I know
  • he is generous and makes you feel good about yourself
  • He is always cares. If something bad is happening, he is always there to help.
  • He helps me with my homework
  • He cares about people who get hurt in hockey academy
  • If you are alone, he will become your friend.


Nathan  (Gr. 8) This athletic Grade 8 student is a role model when it comes to sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and being a team player. Nathan was nominated 7 times by other students in the school. Comments include:

  • he is always nice to everyone
  • kind to others and respectful
  • he walks down the hall with a positive attitude and he really cares for other people
  • he is always cheering and fired up
  • he always listens to what you say and is active in the class
  • friendly and cheerful to everyone. He always has a positive attitude
  • he always listens to what you have to say and sparks your day when youre having a bad one.


Cheyanne (Gr. 8) This athletic Grade 8 girl quietly cheers up those around her and others consider her a role model.  Cheyanne was nominated 5 times by other students in the school. Comments include:

  • she is always there to cheer you up when you're down. When you are hurt, shes the first to be there.
  • She is a very nice person. She has helped people like me when Im sad or mad
  • She never bullies anyone or talks behind peoples backs. She is a good role model for all Grade 8 girls.
  • She is caring and always helps me when Im sad.
  • She is a caring kid.


Krysten  (Gr. 8) Krysten is a confident student who is very active in Leadership activities at the school. She was nominated 7 times by other students in the school. Comments include:

  • she is a caring person who is kind to others
  • she is always caring and doesn't like to see people with hurt feelings
  • she is a great friend and she helps you through everything
  • she makes you feel better when you are sad and she is a good friend who you can trust.
  • She is a good helper in class and she volunteers for things especially when no one else does.


Tyler is 13 years old and although not a strong student in class, the recurring theme in his report card for the past 9 years has been "Tyler is a joy to have in class, always helpful and includes others, respects others,thoughtful and a true leader."

He is so profound and emotionally mature. He sticks up for anyone who the others reject, makes friends with everyone and treats everyone with respect and tolerance. Tyler does not see "color" when he looks at a person. "We are all just people, we all deserve a chance" has been his motto since he was 6 years old. He is polite and good hearted to all and I love him for it. He senses when someone is suffering and will do anything to cheer you up or just listen and give you support.



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