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November 6, 2008


I'm documentary producer for CBC "The National" doing background
research for a possible story about students misusing new technology (like
"Facebook") to libel, defame and abuse their teachers.

I'm hoping to find teachers/principals who have themselves been
"cyberbullied" willing to speak with me "off the record" about their
unique experiences and views on the issue. I'd like to hear directly from the
victims how it affected their lives as well as relationships with
students, parents, other teachers. and - of course - how it affected the ability
to do their jobs.

I realize that this is a very sensitive issue. That's why I'm offering
an absolute guarantee that the comments of people who reply to me will
remain confidential and will not be broadcast. You can contact me (collect) by
telephone or email me with your contact information so that I can call you.

Yours truly,

Lani Selick
Documentary Producer
CBC Television "The National"
fax (416) 205-6759




October 31, 2008



Hello visitors to www.bullying.org,


I am working on a news story trying to raise the profile of cyberbullying. It is a serious and potentially damaging problem that not enough parents are fully aware of. I need the help of a family willing to share their story. It's one thing to tell a news story about the risks, dangers and tips on how to monitor your kids online behavior and protect them from harm BUT it is another thing to hear a personal story from a family who's been there. First hand experience is compelling and is more relatable to our viewers than experts and statistics. In order for other parents to realize how serious this problem is -- they need to hear from someone who can talk about the direct real life impact. If you are a Calgary area family who has been through a cyberbullying experience and wants to speak with me I would be sincerely grateful to hear from you. Feel free to email or phone. jcroteau@globaltv.com OR 403-710-2794. Much advance thanks!



Jill Croteau


Global Calgary



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