"Everyone has the right to be respected
          and the responsibility to respect others"

   Bullying.org is proud to endorse and collaborate with film maker Lynn   
  Glazier in  support of her new documentary film:


   "IT'S A TEEN'S WORLD": wired for sex, lies and power trips is a powerful new   
   documentary film told through the voices of teens who sound the alarm on the i
   influence of  the Internet, media and pop culture in their hyper-sexualized social world.  
    From award-  winning journalist and filmmaker Lynn Glazier, director of "It's a Girl's  


    NEW!  Available November 16, 2009 to coincide with National Bullying Awareness 
    Week, the release of an enhanced DVD for educators, parents, youth groups, health
    care professionals and law enforcement.

  • Director's cut of the film (not seen on TV)
  • Three interactive educational modules on sexual pressures based on dramatic videos created by the teen participants in the documentary film
  • Ryan's hit rap music video "Under Pressure"
  • Clips from the radio documentary series as heard on CBC Radio's IDEAS

     Visit www.itsateensworld.com for User Guides and other resources.


     Take up the challenge to promote awareness and change in your school and 
     community on the issue of sexual harassment among teens!



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